Outside Plant Copper Cable Termination and Distribution

Terminal connection module,terminal connection block

Terminal connection module,terminal connection block ,

1 Pair Subscriber Terminal Box

The module of the connection of family VX is intended for the joint between the cable pair based on the side of commutation station and the distributive pair.

It is 5- polar insertable module for provision of through connection and guarantee of a number of other different functions.

The end fitting of wires is not disrupted with turning off of insertable module, but is ensured the possibility of testing cable system beside any of both sides.
The module of connection is established beyond the longitudinal tire, made from the stainless steel, which corresponds to standard DIN. Module can be established beside different types of housings, before different quantities. Compactness ensures the small size of base to article (with width only of 2 cm).


The maximum values are shown

Technical characteristics

Characteristics of the contact connection
Connector of the distributive wire

Range of the section:

diameter 0,4… 1,2 mm

Diameter on the isolation:

it is maximal 5 mm

The current-response characteristics:

20 A(10 A on each conductor) during not less than 10 min, without the deformation of the module

Insulation resistance


“Dry” atmosphere:

> 10 12 Ohm

“Moist” atmosphere (standard ASTM Of d618, procedure F):

> 10 12[Om]

Salt fog: (standard ASTM Of b117)

> 10 10 Ohm

Immersion beside the water: (15 days before 3% solution Of naCI)

> 10 10 0[m]

The contact resistance


R of material + R of the contact cross connection + by R of the contact connection of the wires

< 10 m

Increase in the contact resistance


After climatic testings:

<2,5 m 

After 50 connections - turning offs:

<2,5 m

Dielectric strength:

>3 kV of direct current during 1 minute

Mechanical characteristics

Screw of the connection of the pair of the distributive wire:

Special alloy Of zamac, [passivirovannyy], with the paint and varnish coat

Housing of the unit of the connection

Transparent polycarbonate

the distributive wire: Housing:

Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire “VO”

Fitted contacts:

Tinplated phosphor bronze

Contacts of the grounding:

Alloy Cu - Zn - Ni - Ag

Contacts of the connection:

Tinplated solid bronze

Sealing material before the lower part:

The epoxy resin

Sealing material before the upper cable part:

Silicon compound

Cover of the pair of the distributive wire:


Housing of the insertable module:

Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire “VO”

Sealing material of the insertable module:


The ring gasket:

Elastomer EPDM


the stainless steel

Cable laying is the distributive wire:

Thermoplastic rubber